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Skinny Fat to Fit

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About this course

Welcome to Skinny Fat to Fit - the ultimate resource that will help you fix the skinny fat look once and for all.

Fixing the skinny fat look has five crucial components:

1. Understanding the skinny fat body type.
2. Knowing which path is right for you.
3. Training appropriately.
4. Eating right.
5. Tracking your progress efficiently.

We will cover all of these in the course. To make the material easier to understand and apply, I’ve also included plenty of examples, observations, thoughts, and suggestions.

My number one goal with this course is to give you all of the information you need to put yourself on the right path and achieve great results in the coming weeks and months. More importantly, I’ve written this course in a way that makes it obvious for you.

I will also walk you through the science behind fixing the skinny fat look, why you might have ended up that way, and what you need to do to fix it.

Without further ado, let's dive in.

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Course Structure

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5 Lessons

Pick Your Path

You'll gain a deep understanding of the skinny fat look, what causes it, what the three primary categories are, what makes the traditional weight loss approach bad, and what you need to stop doing immediately.

Lesson 1: Commit

You will learn about what holds many people back from making meaningful progress toward their goals.

Lesson 2: What Does It Mean to Be ‘Skinny Fat’ And What Causes It?

You will learn about the skinny fat look itself, what characterizes it, and what the primary reasons for ending up that way are.

Lesson 3: What Makes the Typical Weight Loss Approaches so Bad?

You'll learn why the traditional advice for weight loss doesn't work and why 'clean' eating and tons of cardio won't get you the body you've always wanted.

Lesson 4: The Lies You've Been Told

You'll learn about the most common lies you might have been told relating to the skinny fat look, and how to fix it. More importantly, why no single solution works great for everyone.

Lesson 5: The Three Primary Categories of Skinny Fat Individuals

You'll learn what the three primary categories of skinny fat individuals are, which one you fall into, and how that impacts your process moving forward.

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How to Train

You'll learn why strength training is vital, how to set up your training (depending on your situation), how to train if you're operating from home, and where cardio fits into the picture. I've also shared complete workouts you can start doing immediately.

Lesson 6: The Vital Importance of Strength Training For Skinny Fat Individuals

You'll learn what makes strength training vital for fixing the skinny fat look, and why more isn't necessarily better.

Lesson 7: How to Train If You’re Just Getting Started

You'll learn how to set up your training if you're a complete beginner. I've also shared a complete 3-day program you can start using immediately.

Lesson 8: How to Train If You Have Some Experience In The Weight Room

You'll learn how to set up your training if you've got some weight training experience. I've also shared a fantastic training plan you can use right away.

Lesson 9: Training Alternatives At Home With Minimal Equipment

Don't have access to a gym or simply prefer to work out in the comfort of your home? No problem. You'll learn how to pull it off effectively, and how to progress with home training. I've also shared sample workouts you can use right away.

Lesson 10: The Importance of a Proper Introduction

You will learn what a training introduction is, why you should consider using it, and how to go about it.

Lesson 11: Where Cardio Fits Into The Whole Picture

You'll learn why cardio shouldn't be your primary training method. We'll also go over how you can balance aerobic exercise with strength training by paying attention to three factors.

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How to Eat

You'll learn everything you need to know about proper nutrition for fixing the skinny fat look. I've outlined different plans of action depending on your current circumstances. 

We'll also go over why clean eating is not the way to go, and how to track your nutrition simply and effectively.

Lesson 12: Tracking Your Calories And Protein Will Make The Entire Process More Efficient

You'll learn why tracking your protein and calories makes the entire process much easier. We'll also go over how to calculate your nutritional needs, step-by-step.

Lesson 13: How to Eat If You’re A Complete Beginner

You'll learn exactly how to approach your nutrition as a complete beginner. What goals to set, what to focus on, and why.

Lesson 14: How to Eat If You’ve Lost Some (or A Lot Of) Weight

You'll learn exactly how to tackle your nutrition if you've recently lost a lot of weight. We'll also go over the recovery diet and why you need it at this point.

Lesson 15: How to Eat If You Have Some Lifting Experience

You'll learn how to tackle your nutrition if you have some training experience but are unsatisfied with your results. More importantly, you'll learn what separates you from a complete beginner and how that should dictate your nutritional choices.

Lesson 16: An Argument Against ‘Clean Eating’ And What Works Better

You'll learn why clean eating is not the right approach, what constitutes good nutrition, and how to easily track your nutrition in two simple steps.

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How to Track Your Progress Effectively

Having data is vital. You'll what metrics to track, how to record them for great accuracy, and which ones to focus on based on your situation. You'll also learn which metric you shouldn't worry about, and why.

Lesson 17: Forget About Body Fat Percentage Tracking

You'll learn why trying to learn your exact body fat percentage and track it is a waste of time.

Lesson 18: The Scale Weight – It’s Double-Edged, But It Can Work

You'll learn what factors affect your weight, why you shouldn't put too much stock into a single tracking, and how to weigh yourself effectively (with examples).

Lesson 19: Progress Photos Are A Fantastic Tool

You'll learn what makes progress photos such a fantastic data metric and how to take them in the most effective manner.

Lesson 20: Circumference Measures Provide You With In-Depth Data

You'll learn what circumference measurements are, what makes them so beneficial, and how to take them effectively, step-by-step.

Lesson 21: Gym Progress and Adherence

You'll learn how to track your gym performance in a simple way, how to track your consistency, and what to do with that information.

Lesson 22: What to Track (And When)

You'll learn what metrics to pay attention to and how often to track them depending on your current situation and goals (with examples).

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Bonus: Frequently Asked Questions

We will go over 13 unique questions you might still have after going over the four primary modules. These relate to training, nutrition, supplementation, and more.

13 Of The Most Frequently Asked Questions

From training to failure and resting optimally, to supplementation and intermittent fasting, this module answers any remaining questions you might have.