Why I hate the IIFYM mentality

written by Philip Stefanov  |  OCTOBER 27, 2020

Remember that feeling when you were younger, and you could eat whatever and whenever you wanted?

Cake? Oh my, give it here.

Burgers with the boys? Is there a better way to spend a summer evening?

A pound of ice cream? Must you ask?

This is what IIFYM feels like for many people. You see, IIFYM emerged from flexible dieting (Or was it the other way around?). People took the principles of solid nutrition that also provided some dietary flexibility and flipped it on its head:

Great dietary flexibility with components of solid nutrition.

The idea of IIFYM (and why I hate this acronym so much) is that, so long as a given food, any food, fits your specific calorie and macronutrient requirements for the day, you can eat it. To be sure, it’s better than nothing. But it’s also not your best strategy, especially if you also care about that thing called good health. Pfft.. who needs that, anyway?

The way I see it, IIFYM is about eating whatever the hell you want, so long as it fits your macros and many folks have taken it up as a personal challenge to shovel as much crap down their throat as possible while ‘keeping macros in check.’

But what’s the solution here? Adopting a flexible dieting mindset. You can read my guide on that here.

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