4 overrated fitness beliefs (and what matters more)

written by Philip Stefanov  |  DECEMBER 8, 2020

Overrated: Constantly trying new things.

To some degree, we all suffer from shiny object syndrome. It’s important to realize that and avoid changing too many things too often.

Underrated: Sticking to proven methods for a long time.

If you’re eating well, sleeping enough, training hard, and making good progress, keep at it. Don’t fall for gimmicks and false promises.

Master the fundamentals, apply them consistently for a long time and you’ll make more progress than 90% of the people who step inside the gym.

Overrated: Doing tons of isolation exercises.

Lots of folks, especially beginners fall for this trap. They believe that to grow optimally, they need to perform tons of different movements for each muscle group.

Underrated: Getting better at the compound movements and using isolation work as the cherry on top.

As a beginner to intermediate, you can grow your entire body with three or fewer exercises per muscle group.

You don’t need to hit your back with eight row variations. You need to get better at core moves like the deadlift, pull-up, and barbell row. You don’t need five types of curls for your biceps. You’ll do pretty well with a barbell curl and some weighted chin-ups.

Overrated: "Confusing" your muscles.

Small changes to training variables over time - exercise selection, intensity, number of sets, rest periods, etc. - is a good thing. But completely overhauling your training every week or two to ‘confuse’ your muscles won’t do anything more than waste your time.

Underrated: Progressively overloading your muscles.

Progressively getting better - lifting more weight, doing more repetitions with the same load, resting less between sets, using better form, doing more sets with a given load - is essential. Some degree of progress over time is needed. If you’re not improving, you’re not training - you’re exercising.

Overrated: Looking for the latest fat-burner.

Fat-burners are a dime a dozen. Everyone makes outrageous promises and very few deliver any benefit to the consumer.

Underrated: Sleeping eight hours per night.

Sleep is so critical for our gym progress, well-being, energy, productivity, and health, yet most people happily give it up. The best thing you can start doing to accelerate your gym progress, work productivity, and health is to sleep eight hours every night.

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